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  • The Hidden Secret of Natural Flavors

    As soon as we learned the raspberry tart or vanilla pudding we were eating contained an ingredient innocently known as castoreum, but no real raspberry or vanilla, we should have been more concerned.

    While it sounds harmless, castoreum comes from the dried anal glands of beavers, and while it initially begs the question who on earth thought to substitute such a thing for berries or vanilla bean, more troubling is the knowledge that castoreum is considered a natural flavoring, and shows up that way on labels.

    While beavers are technically natural, there is no one on earth who would relish in the opportunity to consume anal glands...raising A LOT of questions about what natural really means.

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  • Chew On This

    Can you remember meal times with your parents when they urged you to 'slow down and chew your food properly' ?

    If you’re like most, chewing is a habit or unconscious reflex. As soon as a piece of food enters your mouth, you chew “just enough” to grind the food into manageable bits before swallowing it, often far too quickly (especially if one is in a hurry which is usually the case).

    Is there anything wrong with that?

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  • Kids these days need a health boost and DHA may be it

    It's been a rough few decades when it comes to kids' health.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity in the United States has doubled in children and quadrupled in adolescents in the past 30 years.

    Not only that, but they're eating a diet made up primarily of hot dogs, hamburgers, cheese, sweetened, ready-to-eat cereals and other processed foods, so they're taking in too much fat, complex carbs and sodium.

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  • Think before you click

    Social media has a lot going for it and we at Xtend-Life are high users of it. However, we go to great pains to ensure that information that we post is accurate and verifiable and will in some way benefit the lives of our readers.
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  • Want to earn $90,000 daily? Become a US Healthcare CEO

    This is an unusual blog because it aims to encourage debate, rather than to describe specific health issues.

    The subject relates to the US Health Care system, though the issues are global. Indeed, I encourage both our US and non US customers to share thoughts and experiences, so we may all learn and benefit. 

    Before I continue, I must say that we do not believe that there is one right way to run a health care system, and every system has both its advantages and disadvantages. I was prompted to write this blog following a chat with an American colleague about ObamaCare.

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  • 'Re-Boot' Your Brainpower with Exercise

    Do you exercise, and if so, does it benefit you?

    Most of us exercise because we know it is good for our physical health. The opportunity for fun with friends and social interaction is enjoyable too.

    Would you also agree that exercise makes you feel better….more invigorated and positive? It’s a great way of lifting those occasional sombre moods and of ‘re-booting’ your brain. I certainly feel sharper and more focused after a good swim, walk or workout.

    But is there any solid ‘scientific’ explanation for how and why exercise apparently boosts brainpower?

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  • Do I need single-ingredient supplements if I'm taking Total Balance?

    We often get questions from customers using our Total Balance products about when they might need to add a single ingredient supplement? Total Balance is designed to offer the essentials that your body needs, feeding your cells to help slow the effects of aging, fortify your general health and boost your immune system.

    It’s a comprehensive, whole-body formula that’s packed with dozens of different nutrients, enzymes and minerals to promote and support energy and vitality.

    So do you really need anything else? Well, in some cases, you might.

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  • How Fish Oil May Help Support Normal Blood Pressure

    Health experts have believed for decades that the omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil may help support blood pressure levels.

    High blood pressure is dangerous because it means the heart is pumping blood through the arteries too hard, causing the walls of the arteries to overstretch and weaken, making them more likely to rupture and trigger aneurysms and strokes.

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  • Medical Microchips: The Greatest Drug Delivery Discovery?

    For animal lovers and security personnel, the practice of inserting microchips under your custodian’s skin is common. They act as an effective means of identification and location targeting. 

    Now imagine a specialised medical microchip with a reservoir of drugs and wireless communication technology being inserted under Your skin. 

    It is remotely programmed by your medical professional to automatically release your daily dose of medications when required in the right dose. And it can sense biochemical changes and communicate wirelessly with patients and caregivers. 

    How would you like that? 

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  • Can you overdose on skin care products?

    When the satirical newspaper The Onion printed the article “Girlfriend Overdoses on Lotion,” the story of course was a joke.

    “When we arrived, Ms. Nagler’s blood-lotion level was 0.45. That’s four times the lethal limit,” said emergency responder Anne Jones. “We’re guessing that by the time her boyfriend found her, she had been inhaling cocoa butter and eucalyptus fumes for over 45 minutes. One more Buf-Puf of jasmine serum and it would have been too late.”

    Funny stuff. But given that most good jokes are steeped in reality, is the idea really so far-fetched?

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  • How’s Your BO Today?

    You may have heard the recent media frenzy about the actress Cameron Diaz proclaiming that she hasn’t worn deodorant in over 20 years. (ref. 1). She says:  “It’s really bad for you. You’re stinky, because you use antiperspirant. It keeps all the stink in.”

    Twenty years ago I would have thought such behaviour and comments bizarre.

    Today, I agree with her. In fact, although I live in a Caribbean climate where temperatures can reach 40°C, and humidity is up to the max 100%, I don’t wear it either!

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  • Can A Fat Make You Thin?

    Yes, one fat in particular can do this as part of a balanced healthy diet and lifestyle.

    Can you guess which one?

    After decades of controversy, experts are finally agreeing with our ancestors that Virgin coconut oil is “the healthiest oil on earth”. Courtesy of its many nutritional and pharmaceutical properties, including a clinically proven fat burning ability, Virgin coconut oil is now getting the recognition it deserves.

    However, in the 1950’s, the story (ref. 1) was very different.

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